69 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Become More Attractive to Your Desires!

Hi Gorgeous,

Feelings are everything!

They are the key when it comes to creating.  Feelings will attract your desires to you and feelings will repel them.  Some feelings will speed your desires into your life and others will block your desires altogether.

Abundance is your natural state.  The way you feel is your indicator of whether you are letting in that flow – that abundance that is natural to you and always there for you – or whether you are pushing it away.

If you are feeling expansive and light then you’ll be able to attract the Abundance you desire; if you feel contracted and heavy, then it will be an uphill battle.  As I have said many times over, what you focus on is what you create.

Rather than continually monitoring your thoughts and words, it’s far easier if you focus on the feelings and actions that expand your energy and raise your vibration.

Start by doing things that make you feel good.  When you feel good, you naturally begin thinking empowering thoughts and saying things that uplift you.  You automatically become magnetic to your dreams.  Life becomes easy and you get in the flow.

There are many benefits to being in a high vibrational state:
You feel energized and radiant
You feel supported, safe and secure
You become empowered
You experience increased clarity and awareness
You feel alive and free
You effortlessly achieve more balance in life
You take on a youthful glow and a childlike exuberance
Your health naturally improves
You are confident and enthusiastic
You experience improved health
You experience synchronicity consistently
You get in the flow and life becomes easy
You consistently think and feel empowering emotions

There are many ways to raise your vibration, but the most important is to honor yourself…….

The Universe will only look after you to the extent you look after yourself

Meaning, if you think so lowly of yourself that you eat rubbish, take toxins into your body, and are overweight, unorganized, stressed and living in chaos and you feel guilty about it all, then you are making a strong statement to the Universe.  And that
statement is you don’t think you’re worth much – and that’s exactly what you will attract back into your life – not much!

If you are feeling expansive and light then you will be able to attract the Abundance you desire.  So it makes sense to take excellent care of yourself.  Your body is your temple – treat it as one.  If you don’t look after your body, where are you going to live?

All those things you’ve heard about eating your vegetables, getting enough
sleep and drinking more water are more than just Mum’s ranting and raving about feeling good.  They are magical things that will increase your vibration and make you more attractive to prosperity, abundance and wealth!

As you raise your vibration you get in the flow and things begin to happen easily and effortlessly.

Do these things to honor yourself every day and your vibration will automatically rise:
Learn to meditate, it is a powerful skill that will transform your life
Exercise and look after your physical self – the better you feel physically, the higher  vibration you will naturally be.
Organize and beautify your surroundings – get rid of clutter and things you don’t use.
Turn off the TV and listen to uplifting music.
Nourish your body with life-giving foods
The more alive and energized you are on the inside, the more you will be on the outside.
Reduce toxins from your life – alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, and stress.
Drink more water – water helps remove toxins from your body; just by drinking more water you find you lose weight, are more alert and feel more energized.
Rest when you feel tired and get a peaceful night’s sleep.
Spend time with people who uplift, inspire and support you.
Feed your mind with uplifting, inspiring and growth-oriented information – throw away the magazines and newspapers; read books that make you magnetic to prosperity and happiness and it will be yours.

Take simple practical steps to raise your vibration – include them as part of your daily habits:
Savor a piece of organic chocolate
Breathe deeply
Close your eyes and feel joy
Watch the clouds
Listen to the birds
Be your authentic self
Spend time in your garden
Buy or pick some flowers
Laugh out loud
Walk barefoot on the earth
Tell a joke
Sing out loud
Talk to your plants
Get organized
Lay out under the stars at night
Make love
Watch a sunrise
Tell someone you love them
Read inspiring quotes
Be spontaneous
Play with your pet
Watch the ocean
Write a letter
Go for a swim
Let the sun dance on your skin
Spend time with a friend
Go outside, close your eyes and feel the breeze on your face
Cuddle someone you love
Watch the moon rise
Do something adventurous
Tell someone you appreciate them
Kiss your special someone for a long time
Walk in the rain or snow
Go on a vacation or holiday
Sit under a big tree
Help someone in need
Do something you love

There are so many ways you can raise your vibration, it’s really just consciously taking the time each day to do them.  Show the Universe that you value you.  Once you value you more – you will find more will flow to you.

Here are some more things to focus on that will expand your energy and raise your vibration:
Feeling connected to and supported by the Universe
Being enthusiastic
Having massages
Taking Action
Loving yourself and loving others
Feeling grateful
Feeling Joy
Praising others and accepting praise
Any form of energy work – Reiki, Reflexology etc.
Saying empowering affirmations
Creating a void through clearing clutter – in your house, car, cupboards, garage etc.
Thinking uplifting and inspiring thoughts
Accepting love
Feeling deserving
Spending time in nature
Having fun
Singing and dancing
Playing silly board games with your children or friends
Listening to empowering CDs
Watching empowering DVD’s – such as The Secret
Cuddling your children
Spending time with a positive friends
Connecting to a like-minded Mastermind
Feeling the joy in being alive, being a creator, being the designer of your future and knowing that anything is possible!

When you raise your vibration and then apply techniques related to the Law of Attraction (which I can show you) your results will appear so much faster than if you try to create from a low vibrational state.  On a metaphysical level it’s difficult to
take action when you are feeling heavy and your vibration is slow.

Your world without – in every way – reflects the world within!

The Body, Mind and Spirit are all connected – one affects the other, so it’s all
about balance.  Nourish yourself physically, empower your mind and uplift your spirit. When you nurture all three, you will naturally energize your attracting powers!

So open your arms to a life of Prosperity by loving yourself and your body – look after yourself, do what makes you happy and you will see the abundance of all good things flood into your life!

Amy Jack
Personal Life Coach

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