It’s okay to be selfish!

Hi Gorgeous,

I want you to know that it’s okay to be a little bit selfish.  You don’t have to put everyone else’s needs before your own.  And it’s about time you stood up and started thinking about number one for a change!

Here’s a day in the life of the type of person I’m exactly here to help.   If this is a typical day in your life or similar, I strongly suggest you answer the questions that follow.

“Your husband wakes before you and gets himself ready for work.  You get out of bed not long after and wake the kids.  You tell them to get up and have a wash, have a shower, or do whatever they need to get themselves ready for school.  Meanwhile you dart into the kitchen, put on the jug and get coffee ready for you and hubby.  While you’re in the kitchen you decide you might as well prepare the school lunch boxes.  One, two, three lunches sorted.  Coffee is ready…….you call out to hubby “coffee’s ready”.  As hubby merges for breakfast and coffee, the kids follow suit.  “What do you kids want for breakfast?”  One wants toast, the other two want cereal.  You get their breakfasts ready and while their eating, you dart upstairs to get yourself ready for work.  All showered, outfit on, teeth brushed, make up on, hair fixed, you are good to go.  Back downstairs and the kids have finished breakfast and left dishes as is where is on the table.  You’ve forgotten all about your coffee and it’s now cold.  You continue to motivate the kids “are you ready for school?”, they all reply “yes!”.  A quick clean up in the kitchen, dishes in the dishwasher, dishwasher turned on, table wiped down, oh and quickly pull meat, or something out of the freezer for dinner.  Hubby gives you a quick peck on the cheek and he’s out the door and off to work.  “Are you kids ready?, we’re leaving in 5″.   Quickly put on a load of dirty washing, quick tidy up of the rooms, then before you know it you’re all out the door and piling into the car.  You drop the kids of at school and proceed to drive to work in record time.  Then you hit traffic!  Oh how time flies when you don’t want it to…… find yourself now rushing to work.  You get in right on time.  It’s okay because you have your work day all planned……you know what you gotta do today and you’re all ready.  You’re clever, because you planned everything you needed to do today, yesterday.  Well at least you thought you had it all sorted….., as soon as you walk in the door your boss loads you up with unexpected work and you are now under pressure.  Feeling overwhelmed yet?  No breakfast and you haven’t even had your coffee……….hey but at least the kids are sorted and hubby got off to work okay.  I can eat and/or have coffee at my first break!……but you don’t, because you get caught up working.  And your day goes on and you get through it.  After work, you pick up the kids from school, go home and make them a snack because they’re hungry.  While they’re eating, you dart outside to hang the washing you put on earlier that morning.  All hung, you haven’t eaten all day so you finally get to have a snack and a cup of tea.  When you’re done, a quick clean up of the kitchen and now it’s time to prepare dinner.  Hubby walks in the door after a hard days work.  He’s starving.  Then your night goes on and you get through it then you sleep, wake up and do it all again the next day.”

This is just a quick scenario of “a day in the life of ” a busy mother.  Yours may not be exact, but I’m sure it’s pretty damn similar.

Does this story resonate with you?

Is this the day-to-day life you’re living now?

Would you like to change this so you are living a more fulfilling life?

If you answered yes, then proceed to answer the following questions.

You’ll notice I don’t ask for your name, email address or phone number.  No, I don’t want to contact you at all!  It’s simply a few questions for you to answer for yourself.  I’m genuinely here to help you sort out what feels like an overwhelming, de ja vu life.

Take all the time you need.  This is called “you” time and you’re about to dig deep and do some inner work on yourself right now…….



If you feel like you got value out of answering these questions and want more.  Click on the link below and you’ll be re-directed to a page where you can enter your details, then you’ll be sent 5 powerful tools you can use to lay out the foundation of your dream life.

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Are you willing to do whatever it takes to balance your life, so that you’re being an amazing mother and wife and still living a fulfilling life that you truly adore?

Then click here and you’ll be sent 5 powerful tools to get you started.

I believe in you…….

It’s time to start believing in your own ability to create the life of your dreams x

Amy Jack
Personal Life Coach

69 Ways to Raise Your Vibration and Become More Attractive to Your Desires!

Hi Gorgeous,

Feelings are everything!

They are the key when it comes to creating.  Feelings will attract your desires to you and feelings will repel them.  Some feelings will speed your desires into your life and others will block your desires altogether.

Abundance is your natural state.  The way you feel is your indicator of whether you are letting in that flow – that abundance that is natural to you and always there for you – or whether you are pushing it away.

If you are feeling expansive and light then you’ll be able to attract the Abundance you desire; if you feel contracted and heavy, then it will be an uphill battle.  As I have said many times over, what you focus on is what you create.

Rather than continually monitoring your thoughts and words, it’s far easier if you focus on the feelings and actions that expand your energy and raise your vibration.

Start by doing things that make you feel good.  When you feel good, you naturally begin thinking empowering thoughts and saying things that uplift you.  You automatically become magnetic to your dreams.  Life becomes easy and you get in the flow.

There are many benefits to being in a high vibrational state:
You feel energized and radiant
You feel supported, safe and secure
You become empowered
You experience increased clarity and awareness
You feel alive and free
You effortlessly achieve more balance in life
You take on a youthful glow and a childlike exuberance
Your health naturally improves
You are confident and enthusiastic
You experience improved health
You experience synchronicity consistently
You get in the flow and life becomes easy
You consistently think and feel empowering emotions

There are many ways to raise your vibration, but the most important is to honor yourself…….

The Universe will only look after you to the extent you look after yourself

Meaning, if you think so lowly of yourself that you eat rubbish, take toxins into your body, and are overweight, unorganized, stressed and living in chaos and you feel guilty about it all, then you are making a strong statement to the Universe.  And that
statement is you don’t think you’re worth much – and that’s exactly what you will attract back into your life – not much!

If you are feeling expansive and light then you will be able to attract the Abundance you desire.  So it makes sense to take excellent care of yourself.  Your body is your temple – treat it as one.  If you don’t look after your body, where are you going to live?

All those things you’ve heard about eating your vegetables, getting enough
sleep and drinking more water are more than just Mum’s ranting and raving about feeling good.  They are magical things that will increase your vibration and make you more attractive to prosperity, abundance and wealth!

As you raise your vibration you get in the flow and things begin to happen easily and effortlessly.

Do these things to honor yourself every day and your vibration will automatically rise:
Learn to meditate, it is a powerful skill that will transform your life
Exercise and look after your physical self – the better you feel physically, the higher  vibration you will naturally be.
Organize and beautify your surroundings – get rid of clutter and things you don’t use.
Turn off the TV and listen to uplifting music.
Nourish your body with life-giving foods
The more alive and energized you are on the inside, the more you will be on the outside.
Reduce toxins from your life – alcohol, cigarettes, sugar, and stress.
Drink more water – water helps remove toxins from your body; just by drinking more water you find you lose weight, are more alert and feel more energized.
Rest when you feel tired and get a peaceful night’s sleep.
Spend time with people who uplift, inspire and support you.
Feed your mind with uplifting, inspiring and growth-oriented information – throw away the magazines and newspapers; read books that make you magnetic to prosperity and happiness and it will be yours.

Take simple practical steps to raise your vibration – include them as part of your daily habits:
Savor a piece of organic chocolate
Breathe deeply
Close your eyes and feel joy
Watch the clouds
Listen to the birds
Be your authentic self
Spend time in your garden
Buy or pick some flowers
Laugh out loud
Walk barefoot on the earth
Tell a joke
Sing out loud
Talk to your plants
Get organized
Lay out under the stars at night
Make love
Watch a sunrise
Tell someone you love them
Read inspiring quotes
Be spontaneous
Play with your pet
Watch the ocean
Write a letter
Go for a swim
Let the sun dance on your skin
Spend time with a friend
Go outside, close your eyes and feel the breeze on your face
Cuddle someone you love
Watch the moon rise
Do something adventurous
Tell someone you appreciate them
Kiss your special someone for a long time
Walk in the rain or snow
Go on a vacation or holiday
Sit under a big tree
Help someone in need
Do something you love

There are so many ways you can raise your vibration, it’s really just consciously taking the time each day to do them.  Show the Universe that you value you.  Once you value you more – you will find more will flow to you.

Here are some more things to focus on that will expand your energy and raise your vibration:
Feeling connected to and supported by the Universe
Being enthusiastic
Having massages
Taking Action
Loving yourself and loving others
Feeling grateful
Feeling Joy
Praising others and accepting praise
Any form of energy work – Reiki, Reflexology etc.
Saying empowering affirmations
Creating a void through clearing clutter – in your house, car, cupboards, garage etc.
Thinking uplifting and inspiring thoughts
Accepting love
Feeling deserving
Spending time in nature
Having fun
Singing and dancing
Playing silly board games with your children or friends
Listening to empowering CDs
Watching empowering DVD’s – such as The Secret
Cuddling your children
Spending time with a positive friends
Connecting to a like-minded Mastermind
Feeling the joy in being alive, being a creator, being the designer of your future and knowing that anything is possible!

When you raise your vibration and then apply techniques related to the Law of Attraction (which I can show you) your results will appear so much faster than if you try to create from a low vibrational state.  On a metaphysical level it’s difficult to
take action when you are feeling heavy and your vibration is slow.

Your world without – in every way – reflects the world within!

The Body, Mind and Spirit are all connected – one affects the other, so it’s all
about balance.  Nourish yourself physically, empower your mind and uplift your spirit. When you nurture all three, you will naturally energize your attracting powers!

So open your arms to a life of Prosperity by loving yourself and your body – look after yourself, do what makes you happy and you will see the abundance of all good things flood into your life!

Amy Jack
Personal Life Coach

What is The Law of Attraction?

Hi Beautiful,

The Law of Attraction 

I’m passionate about sharing strategies related to this law because I know they work.  I’m a living, breathing example that you can create the life you really want by taking advantage of this law.  Whether you choose to believe it or not, it’s there. Like gravity, you can’t see it but it’s there.

Have you heard these sayings before?

What you think becomes your reality

Like energy attracts like energy

As a person thinketh, so she or he becomes

You attract into your life whatever it is you are focused on

These sayings are the Law of Attraction in a nutshell.

Each persons journey in life is a personal one, and at some stage in your life you get to a point where you want more!  You stop and think……I deserve so much better.  It literally smacks you in the face.  While pondering this life changing time in your life remember…..

You created everything that’s happened in your life!

Your circumstances, the people in your life, the lack or abundance of money, the house you’re living in, the car you’re driving, the clothes you’re wearing ect. ect.

It’s true!……..

There’s really no other way to say it!  So the sooner you come to terms with the reality that you’ve created your life and you CAN create your future.  The sooner you WILL start creating your future exactly the way you want it.

Have I got your attention?


It is the Law of Attraction which uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality.  So if you choose to focus on negative doom and gloom, then guess what?….you’re gonna to attract more negative doom and gloom into your life.  This is where you use this universal law to your advantage.  If you focus on positive thoughts and have goals that you aim to achieve you’ll find a way to achieve them with massive action.

Now that you know a bit more about this universal law.  It now becomes a choice.  Do you choose to go about your life, playing the victim of whatever life throws at you?  OR Do you choose to design and create the life you truly envision for yourself?

Are you taking advantage?

If you choose to go forward with this new-found knowledge that you are THE CREATOR of your life then following this blog is a MUST.  If you choose to move forward taking positive actions towards your goals, and enhancing your quality of life, then booking your free 45 minute coaching session with me is pretty  much the go!  Click here to secure your session.

I use strategies related to the Law of Attraction throughout my coaching sessions and I give you tools specifically for your needs that are related to the Law of Attraction.  These tools will help you focus on and magnetically attract all your hearts desires.

Book Now!

Amy Jack
Personal Life Coach

Start having more fun in your life now!

Hey Gorgeous,

I was talking to a friend today who explained to me how he doesn’t have time to have fun.  Yes……he doesn’t have time to have fun!

I was gob smacked because I’m one of those people who can have fun doing literally anything.  I can make washing the dishes and hanging the washing out a fun task.  I absolutely adore vacuuming the house.  I know right!?…….I’m a fun freak.  When it comes to having fun I’m a fucking master at it!

If you’re lacking enjoyment in your life you’re definitely following the right person! So please take my advise and…….

Stop taking life so seriously and chill the hell out!

Worrying about this and that, and what’s happening next or what’s happened in the past is a waste of energy.  Focus on the moment at hand, and enjoy it.  You’re probably thinking……Amy…….that sounds all very well but it’s not as easy as it sounds.  And guess what?…….you’re right!  It takes a bit of practice but once you get into the groove of thinking this way I promise you will start enjoying your life much much more.


Give yourself permission to have fun!

It sounds weird but you really do need to give yourself permission to have fun.  Allow yourself to have fun.  Make time to have fun.

Some people self sabotage themselves from having fun by filling up their day/s with things they “must” get done.  Appointment with this person, a meeting with that person, I gotta do this and I have to get this done or else.  Or else what!?   The world is gonna end!

Seriously you need to make time to have fun.  If you’re one of these people that loves to fill up your calendar with things to do just to be doing something.  I suggest booking a time with yourself to have fun.  That’s a great place to start.  Actually jot it down in your diary, or put it on your calendar MY TIME TO HAVE FUN.  Do something that makes your heart absolutely sing.

Make this booking with yourself at least once a week.  And this time is for you to do something freaking fantastic for yourself.  Go to a day spa, hang out with your girlfriends, go shopping, invite your BFF over for dinner, whatever fun is for you.  It’s time to start thinking of yourself and getting a tiny wee bit selfish.  Everything and everyone else can wait.

And Remember –

Life’s way too short to be unhappy or unfulfilled.  So do what the fuck makes you happy!

Amy Jack
Personal Life Coach


What’s the moral of the story for you!?

Hey Beautiful,

I got some news this morning from someone who has a big impact on my son’s life.  Yes…….it was from his dad.  Now I’ve been separated from Caleb’s dad since Caleb was 8 months old.  I was in a bad place, the relationship wasn’t moving forward in any way, I was sick and tired of “the dads” man tantrums  (I like to take the piss and call them mantrums) and I just felt stuck, so I up and left and took Caleb with me.  My intention was to fully take care of Calebs every need all by myself, I didn’t need nor did I want any help from anyone.  But you think my family would let me do it on my own……hell to the no!  So with the support of my family and my now fiance Blair, I think we’ve done a damn good job at raising this soon to be 8-year-old boy.

Okay that was a bit of back story, now back to the story at hand………..

So I got this news, that “the dad” is in a bit of trouble and has been in and out of court from the beginning of this year up until now (not getting into details).  He has his final court appearance tomorrow and could be looking at home detention or worst case scenario, jail time.  So this means, worst case scenario Caleb won’t get to see his dad for a while.  Just so you get the just of the relationship Caleb has with his dad, Caleb lives with me and my fiance, in what some would call a beautiful area of  South Auckland, a small rural community with a waterfall literally 2 minutes away from us.  Every weekend he goes to his dads house where some would say is a not very nice area of South Auckland.  So he goes from one extreme to the other and the boy adapts very well.  So he has a really close relationship with his dad and never likes to miss a weekend hanging out with him.

So back to this news……..

I was humming and harrrring about whether to tell Caleb or not.  I thought about telling him something like “daddy’s going on holiday” or “he’s going away for work” you knbow something along those line or even, not telling him at all.  I thought about everything that I could say and how it would affect Caleb.  And finally I manned up and said you know what……I’m gonna tell him the truth.  No matter what you do, you need to take full responsibility for your actions.  So I told him, in a nice loving mummy way and I had no idea what his reaction was gonna be.

Anyway he turns to me and asks “Mummy, can you please bail him out?  I don’t want my daddy to go to jail.  I know you have money and I know you can bail him out so can you please do this for me?”  OMG that was not the reaction I thought I’d get.  I responded “I don’t want daddy to go to jail either honey but if you do something “bad” there will be consequences.  You need to take responsibility for your own actions.”  OMG that was hard!  He then turns to me and proceeds to call me “mean” names because I’m letting his dad go to jail.  I know we don’t even know if he’s going to jail yet and won’t find out till tomorrow, so I start thinking maybe I didn’t have to say anything to him until then.  All this doubt is going through my head but I know in my heart that I did the right thing by at least warning him.  And guess what Amy!? now he’s angry at you, and guess what else, he’ll get over it.  So Caleb goes to his room and plays with his toys.  He then emerges from his room 15 minutes later and comes and gives me a big hug.  “It’s not your fault mummy” and now we’re sweet az.

Tomorrow we hear the final verdict and I hope and wish nothing but the best for “the dad”.  But it is what it is, and in the end I know Caleb is gonna be okay.  He’s gonna be better than okay, he’s gonna be a frickin little soldier.  I know I’ve taught him so many great values and beliefs, so I know he’s gonna be of great value to this world.

I don’t know where I’m going with this story.  Moral of the story could be, a number of the following things:

  1. Honesty is always the best
  2. If you’re gonna do something be prepared for consequences (good or bad)
  3. Take responsibility for your own actions
  4. Children are so damn adorable
  5. Children are so pure
  6. Thank God I got out of that relationship before I went too far downhill
  7. It could be anything really – I just hope you take something away from this story.

Whatever it is for you, whatever you take away from this story, I know by telling this story it resonates with somebody.

Cheers for reading x

Amy Jack
Personal Life Coach

Let it out! You’ll feel so much better……

Hi Beautiful,

Today I want to share a simple but effective “venting” process with you.  I walk my clients through this process when they need it and they come out feeling so much lighter.  Do this when you feel like you need to get something off your chest.  You’ll feel a huge release of negative energy.

We tend to keep our emotions to ourselves, especially if we don’t want to “rock the boat”.  Whether it’s at work, at home, while your out socializing or at a meeting.  Holding on to our negative thoughts for too long causes us to become “high strung” and in some cases way out of character.

Our negative emotions bubble up inside and eventually they have to come out! 

So before you go and scream at, or do something to someone who probably doesn’t deserve it, listen to the following audio:

Venting Process #1

Use this process before you get to the point where you may say or do something you might regret 😉

Amy Jack
Personal Life Coach

Who motivates the motivator?

Hey Beautiful,

You probably already know this but aren’t doing it right now because you’re too “nice”.  Remember it’s your life and it’s okay to be picky about who you choose to spend your precious time with.  There are certain people who are meant to be in your life because they inspire you to create the life you really want for yourself.

Click here to listen to this quick audio

Surround yourself with people who push you to better yourself, your world, your life!

Amy Jack
Personal Life Coach

3 Powerful Questions to help you discover the real you!

Hi Beautiful,

As a life coach, it’s my job to ask you questions that will draw out your own unique answers.  You know yourself the best, so you have the best answers for yourself!

The following audio will take you through the 3 key questions to defining the real you.  I encourage you to ask yourself these questions every morning before you get out of bed.  Spend a quiet moment with yourself and you’ll get your answers!

Write your answers in a journal.  Watch yourself evolve, watch your life evolve and watch your world evolve!

Enjoy this audio x

I believe in you, it’s time for you to start believing in your own ability to design and create the life you are inspired to live.

Amy Jack
Personal Life Coach