Here’s some feedback from a few of my amazing, beautiful clients.  Love you  guys…

Sophie ~ Auckland, New Zealand

My experience with Amy led me to be more positive.  I asked for help with my business as I felt I was stuck in a rut not going anywhere, in denial about it not doing very well.  Amy helped me open new visions to where I wanted to go moving forward and give me a clear positive outlook on everything not just my business, after every phone call I felt uplifted and ready to tackle business!

Every week we had a 30/40 min phone call which I found I always had time for, not believing i did before, but Amy always is accommodating to your time and needs, and great convenience too, just a phone call away not having to travel anywhere for this service,

Thanks again Amy for your services was a great lesson for me xx

Sarah ~ Sydney, Australia

Hi Amy

I wanted to thank you for the last few months of coaching.  I truly don’t feel like the same person before we started working together.  You are truly a genuine, caring and supportive coach. I, now, feel ready to tackle the world and follow my heart’s desires and start my own business.  I can not thank you enough and have highly recommend you to all of my friends!

Truly grateful.

 Fran ~ Melbourne, Australia

Hey Amy,

I would just like to thank you for our coaching sessions. I learned a lot from each of our sessions together & was able to create some healthy positive changes in my life.

 Anita ~ Brisbane, Australia

Our beloved Amy,

Just let your soul shine even stronger and brighter in your life, in every single aspect of your life and all will flow to you gently and easily, even more than in your dreams and desires.  So as you already have felt guided, let more and more space in your life to nurture your spirituality, your spiritual connection and all the rest will gently flow to you our beloved one.

With shining bright love and support.

Claire ~ Auckland, New Zealand

Amy helped me get out of a hole that I dug myself into and over the few weeks she coached me I quickly dug myself out of the hole and now I’m in a new and better place emotionally and mentally. I am more focused and determined thanks to Amy.

Di ~ Brisbane, Australia

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Amy.  She was professional, friendly and made me feel very comfortable.  She was able to help me move forward with my business by helping me to recognize the areas that were letting me down and together we found solutions to turn those areas around and make great progress with my business.

Karen ~ Melbourne, Australia

I started coaching with Amy as I was confused and intimidated because of my age, with all the new ways of promoting myself thru social media. Technology in general just scared me.  I found from our very first coaching session Amy helped me to understand my fear and let go of my fear.  It wasn’t the fear of technology that was the issue.  It was Amy’s great technique of being able to get to the core of the issue that helped me realise this.  Working with Amy helped me realise I am unique and I have lots of great skills to offer others.  I have an updated business page, workshops organised and a much better understanding of the technical side.

Thanks Amy for your truly inspirational sessions, I highly recommend your coaching services.

Samantha S ~ QLD, Australia

I was looking for a coach that could help me move my business to the next level.  Amy Jack did just that.  I was looking for solutions to help me overcome some obstacles that were in my way.  Amy’s gentle, yet persistent questioning made me open up to many possibilities, and I always felt truly supported.  Her inspired and practical advice helped me find clarity.  I finished my book, tweaked my website and Social media sites, and even published my first blog!  And I’m well on my way to finishing other great projects.  Amy’s infectious smile (I can hear it every time over Skype) and bubbly, go get ’em personality made it a joy to be coached.  Thank you.

Anita Ferrari ~ NSW, Australia

What you will absolutely love about Amy is her innate love and enthusiasm for life and everything she is drawn too. Be ready for her joyful energy to be transmitted to you and be propelled to take action and move towards what you feel called to do.
I would recommend her to anyone wanting to break with procrastination and fall really in love with their own life again.

L Jordan ~ Napier, New Zealand

I have had a number of weekly coaching sessions from Amy and would have to say, how easy to talk
to she was. She always had great ideas and was pointing me in the right direction although I did not always follow through knowing she would rekindle the past session and ask me how I got on. This in turn made me walk through my session again. So it had a twofold effect. Amy has a bubbly way of moving through the stages that in turn that brings you closer to your goals. She not only listens but is happy to share her experiences as well.

Thank you and good luck with your career in coaching

Thank you for the privilege of serving you x

Amy Jack
Personal Life Coach